National Rubber Corporation provides quality Custom Extrusions, Food Grade ( FDA ) Custom Extrusions, Custom Extruded Seal, Extruded and Molded products. National Rubber Corporation.
  Around the country or around the clock, we'll come through for you...

If your product calls for high quality , complex shapes, or fast turn-around, call the supplier with a National reputation: National Rubber Corporation.
Extruded and Molded products. Extruded and Molded products
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Custom Extrusions. Custom Extrusions
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Custom Extruded Seal. Custom Extruded Seal
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Food Grade ( FDA ) Custom Extrusions. Food Grade ( FDA ) Custom Extrusions
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Custom Rubber Wrist Band/ Bracelet
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Quick turn around and high quality are advantages of National Rubber. We use a proprietary Engineering Data Worksheet to document our quality from product to product, and lot to lot. It helps us to meet MilSpec, FDA, NSF, UL, AMS, ASTM, Lockheed specifications. All products are having Tolerances per RMA levels.

If your products demand custom mixing or secondary operations, National Rubber should be your first choice. We can blend elastomer compounds to any formulation for virtually any application in-house. We can also perform precision cutting, corner molding, butt , joint and endless splicing, punching, drilling , PSA application and T-joint fabrication.

The fact is, no matter what kind of silicone or elastomer profiles you need or how fast you need them, call National Rubber at (412) 831-6100.
See for yourself why we have a National reputation.

Address : 2969 Industrial Blvd., Bethel Park, PA 15102, USA
  Tel. : 412 831 6100  
Toll free : 866 672 8100
Fax: 412 831 6300

We can produce:        
  Silicone sheet
  "U" Channels
  "C" Channels

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